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Ade is Managing Director and Executive Producer for Daki Budtcha Pty Ltd, an independent recording and publishing company serving as one of Australia’s leading producers and promoters of Indigenous culture, music, dance, songs, stories and drama.

Initiating his career in producing and presenting cultural music in 1983, Ade joined Daki Budtcha in 1988 continuing to build a diverse professional history spanning nearly three decades. Widely recognized as an Indigenous Cultural Advocate, Ade has served as the Principal Advisor for both the Turrbal People of Brisbane and the Ningy Ningy People of the Redcliffe and Deception Bay area since 1996. Additionally well known for his commitment in producing genuine independent Australian record labels, Ade has steered many young Australian artists toward success in their musical endeavors.

Evidencing his many professional achievements, Ade was the Associate Producer of the international award winning opera film ‘Black River’, and the Producer and Director of the Goodwill Concert in New York to honor the International Year for the World’s Indigenous People. 

Paralleling his career and advocacy efforts, Ade joined the Australia-Nigeria Business Council as Inaugural President in 2008, striving to embrace and extend his full spectrum of cultural dedication through yet another distinctive venue. 



Business Development, Financial Analysis, Community Capacity Building, Entrepreneurial Development, Music recording, Publishing, Cultural Education, Management.

Law (Native Title), Accountant & Chartered Secretary

Ade Kukoyi – Music Management – Stanford Who’s Who Certified

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Ade Kukoyi – Music Management – Stanford Who’s Who Certified

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