Extremely Talented And Visionary Entrepreneur Receives The Recognition Of Stanford Who’s Who

Mr. Ade Kukoyi has been recognized by Stanford Who’s Who due to his spectacular work as an entrepreneur. As Managing Director of Daki Budtcha Pty. Ltd. and throughout his impressive 21 year professional career, Ade has consistently displayed the passion, vision and dedication necessary to be successful.

Daki Budtcha is a multi-faceted operation which encompasses musical recording , publishing, cultural education and management services. Mr. Kukoyi is involved in business development, financial analysis, community capacity building and entrepreneurial development.

Indigenous awareness as well as customary law, native title, cultural heritage/protocols, language, environmental education and general community issues are all of the utmost importance to Mr. Kukoyi. He works diligently in those areas and in every aspect of his personal and professional life. The cultural and personal development of youth is also extremely important to Ade.

Mr. Kukoyi was educated in the areas of Law, Corporate Management, Banking, Finance and Accounting. He is an Accountant and Chartered Secretary. He enjoys soccer, basketball, cricket, Australian football and a variety of other athletic activities in his leisure time. Ade is a regular reader of [i]Business Review Weekly, Financial Review,[/i] and [i]Harvard BR[/i].

Ade Kukoyi - Music | Music Management - Stanford Who's Who Certified

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